Content for your website

A quick and easy guide for coming up with pages and content for your business website.

What sort of information should I write about my business?
A website needs to tell some one quickly what it is you do and why they should use you. People don't like reading lots of text online, visitors don't like to wast time and want to know quickly what it is you do, and how to contact you or leave a message.
So you need to grab them with a good page title and in the first few lines of text on the home page and some good images. I suggest avoid writing a novel of content, keep it simple, clear and easy to read and to the point. Its not a essay your writing, its a quick sound bite of information about your product or services and why your so great.

With that in mind here is how you come up with content for your website.

Simply divide the content into simple areas, most websites have the following areas:
HOME ( 2 paragraphs about you and your services + good images, you need to grab the user on this page ) 
ABOUT US - More details about your business and people, history, goals, news etc about 2 - 5 paragraphs
PRODUCTS or  SERVICES - Information about the service or products you have, info about each service, rates, prices etc
CONTACT US - this is the most common page after the home page list all contact details and have a map.
TERMS and CONDITIONS - the fine print about returns cancellations and your terms and conditions if you have any. 

+ OTHER PAGES - Any other pages specific to your business you may want to add, such as ONLINE SHOP, TESTIMONIALS, IMAGE GALLERY, ONLINE BOOKING FORM, FORUM, CALENDAR, etc

Remember the content can be changed and added to easily yourself at any time later, websites grow and change, the first content you add is not set in stone and as you have ideas and things to add you can add them.

What about search engines and ranking well.
There are many cowboys that will spam "We will make you rank first page in google"  The truth is that many of the site i build rank on page 1 [position 1-4 at the top of google because of advice and tips we give during the website build. Simple things like: The page title of the home page "WELCOME TO OUR HOME PAGE" should be something specific to you, like "NORTHERN BEACHES ACCOMMODATION" because google looks at your page titles and content, you do not want to rank well for "WELCOME TO OUR HOME PAGE", you want to be found if you do accommodation on the northern beaches and people may search for northern beaches accommodation.

To get started, download the word doc and fill in some content and email it back to us. You dont need to get it perfect, we will look at the content and do small changes to make sure the content works for ranking in google and being visitor friendly.

docxContent Template for your website.docx

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